Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 7 No. 4 | Winter 1985 (Seattle) /// Issue 14 of 24 /// Master# 62 of 73

how and why many feel discouragement, is to begin to inform ourselves with a perspective that releases energies for change beyond the moment of stalemate and defeat. To rebuild a culture, and the politicaleconomy that sustains it, is a monumental task, but it is not impossible. In any broader historical perspective, history is a record of repeated, enormous, society-shaking change, both in our own country and elsewhere. Change always seems impossible before it happens. In the immediate future, there is need for a strategy that “walks on two legs.” First, so difficult is the pain of many people that ameliorative actions are important. But there should be no confusion: A politics that emphasizes jobs and social programs for the poor is not a politics of the future. It is a humanitarian effort that also attempts to prevent the decay of the political economy into armed repression of violence bred from despair. We need somehow to walk literally through the valley of the shadow of death, helping resist the possibility of violent death-dealing repression on one hand and war abroad on the other. But, to shift metaphors, the walk must also be toward a promised land. Accordingly, there is simultaneously a need, even now, to begin to transcend the present. We desperately need to flesh out a beginning sense of how ultimately a giant political-economy like our own should really function. This requires education, study, and experimentation. We need also, as Walter Brueggemann reminds us, to grieve the “dying past-present” before we can experience the joy of the future. There is not only activist and intellectual, but also psychological and spiritual work to do, especially if the very idea of the “economy” is to transcend its current rooting in narrow, materialist goals. A positive vision is important not only for its own sake. Unless we develop an DESSERTS 3421 Fremont Ave N Seattle Washington 98103 206-633 2671 New from The Seal Press Women in Translation Series £ GALIA’S DAI GHTE R S Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg This hilarious satire of the sexes by Norway’s best-selling lesbian author is her first work available in English. “Humorous and deadly serious at the same time.” —Publishers Weekly. “Highly thought-provoking and often very funny . . . Essential for women’s studies collections.” — LibraryJournal. Paper, $8.95 Cloth, $16.95 NEW! O T A SA N DE L: High-qualityfiction, essays, and autobiography by womenfrom around the world. Cora Sandel: Selected Short Stories Translated by Barbara Wilson A stirring and memorable collection of short fiction by Sandel, author of the Alberta trilogy. Long considered one of Norway’s classic writers, Sandel brings a feminist sensibility to her tales of women living on the edge of society. First English translation. Paper, $8.95 Cloth, $16.95 NEW! Early Spring by Tove Ditlevsen Translated by Tiina Nunnally The memoirs of one of Denmark’s best-loved poets. “An imagination so literary it is almost feverish.” —Publishers Weekly. “Hauntingly beautiful . . . written with immediacy and radiance.” —Tillie Olsen. Paper, $8.95 Cloth, $16.95 An Everyday Story: Norwegian Women’s Fiction Edited by Katherine Hanson Norway’s storytelling tradition comes alive in this anthology of 24 authors’work. “An excellent opportunity to sample an interesting, often memorable variety of styles and voices.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review. Paper, $8.95 Cloth, $16.95 Available at your favorite bookstore or from Seal Press, 312 S. Washington, Seattle, WA 98104. Please include $1.50 postage, plus 50<t for each additional book. inspiring direction for rebuilding America, our politics may falter and turn to scapegoats both abroad and at home. There is anger in the land—anger caused by real pain. It must go somewhere, and a positive direction is our only real hope. In the nuclear age, developing a true “moral equivalent of war” may therefore be the only alternative we have. The idea that the people perish without vision may be literally true. Gar Alperovitz, historian and politician, is author of Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam (Viking Penguin, 1985). Reprinted with permission from Sojourners ($18/yr., Box 29272, Washington, D.C. 20017). Artist Isaac Shamsud-Din painted a wonderful mural in the Portland Justice Center, details of which are used here. He lives in Portland. An astonishing four-year clandestine journey through the racial mine fields of SouthAfrica A gifted and courageous young reporter ventured into forbidden lands, met and talked with South Africans of every station. His experiences—and AAB* C theirs—make this inside account of apartheid compelling, eye-opening, shocking, and deeply moving. NORTH "Remarkable for its reportorial zeal and its tremendous oral power. It will be hard for anyone to feel fully informed about what is at stake in South Africa without reading this book." —JAMES FALLOWS, Washington correspondent, The Atlantic MACMILLAN 866 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022 Illustrated with photographs $19.95 at all bookstores . BRIGHT • CHEERFUL • BED & BREAKFAST • IN CHINA- TOWN/NORTH BEACH • BASQUE CUISINE STOCKTON ST. • CALIFORNIA 94133 ROOMSFROM$30 • 1208 SAN FRANCISCO, • (415)989-3960 • OBRERO HOTEL &. RESTAURANT IN THE BASQUE TRADITION ART SERVICES Frame-it on Broadway 27 Frame Up Studios 16 Bruce Hale 2 Neon Art School (PDX) 24 Robert Williamson 31 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Grand Illusion 19 The New City Theater 10 Salty Dog Studios 12 SOHO 12 Wildrose 27 BIKES Wright Bros. 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