Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 7 No. 4 | Winter 1985 (Seattle) /// Issue 14 of 24 /// Master# 62 of 73

ers can vote and otherwise participate— could transform-tor the better the role of the media in politics. Campaigns could depend less on canned political advertisements and public relations images, and more on knowledge and communication. This would greatly improve our political judgment and health. Political, candidates should really make more of an issue of the computer revolution. I was surprised during the 1984 American campaign. Here we are, living through a radical revolution that is transforming society, putting people out of work, destroying entire industries, uprooting communities. Vet I never heard either of the candidates address the issue, presenting ideas and policies to ensure that people are not displaced by robots, to improve education and jobtraining using new computer tools, to develop the computer revolution to enhance people’s work and personal lives. In addition to debating the economy, candidates should be engaged in a great debate over how to improve work, creativity, and people’s lives through this revolution. Mahatma Gandhi lived in a different time and place, of course, but one aspect of his life is relevant here: the need to teach by concrete deeds rather than words. Candidates should demonstrate by their own example, as well as by giving speeches, the ways in which this technology can be put to good use. They should show-through their own fluency in computer techniques, by constantly visiting and studying computer workshops, by ensuring that their own children have access to computers from an early age—that this revolution is the key to generating jobs and maintaining a nation’s strength. Such politics could not only prove instrumental in winning an election. More importantly, they could help bring about the Renaissance of America. FutonX Open 11-6 Mon-Sat 4137 University Way NE SJ-’-Aro Affordable futons and fram es in a variety of styles Finest Goose Down Garments for Adults and Children , Crescent, down works 516 15th Ave. East. Seattle 323-0936 Hours: Mon-Fri ll-6/Thurs 11-7/Sat 11-5 We’d like to pull the wool over your eyes. Naturally. You won't count sheep between our 100% cotton flannel sheets —or under our comfy lamb's wool comforter. This winter, be warm at prices that won't get you down. CO M PAMv This article is reprinted with permission from World Policy Journal ($18/yr.—777 United Nations Plaza, NYC, NY 10017). Carl Smool is an artist living in Seattle. This is his first illustration for CSQ. Our New Location 500 15th Avenue East 328-3696 GRAND OPENING SECRET SERVICE AND SURVEILLANCE ABOVE THE FARMER S MARKET CAPITAL ESPRESSOS AND CUISINE MONDAY-WEDNESDAY 7:00 AM-7.00 PM THURSDAY-SATURDAY 7:00 AM-10 00 PM CORNER MARKET BUILDING Money Bear* Bakery Famous Stehekin w Cinnamon Rolls Fresh Baked Daily Homemade Breads, Cookies Cakes, Pies & Sourdough Pastry ESPRESSO Finest Available ingredients NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES Baked with Love!" 2106 N 55th (The Keystone Bldg, at 55th & Meridian) OPEN 7 tO 7 Clinton St. Quarterly 17