Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 8 No. 2 | Summer 1986 (Seattle) /// Issue 16 of 24 /// Master# 64 of 73

. ™the “ Rain City ' s e r ie ^ A model from the Heather Ramsay • « I. J Heather Ram. wonderfully detailed given free reign to build models, an aesthetic later purchased outright H in building is. She was she wanted. Her highlight of the film, were from her as a surprise gift for Alan Rudolph. and work with “pleasant, intelligent” members of the film crew. But it’s not a job he would likely be interested in doing again. Lest anyone imagine that the chosen artists cashed in at Hollywood’s expense, it must be pointed out that every artist was paid $1 for the right to use their image(s). The dollar released the filmmakers from any liability that might be incurred as a result of accidental damage. Even with this tiny expense, the art department went over budget. The only work was k ' artist paid for her actual artleather Ramsay. Contacted on the advice of professional scene painters, she was commissioned to build six scale models of Rain City. Two paid assistants helped her cut out thousands of tiny bricks and windows to paste on the buildings and put up the three-inch tall street lamps. Ramsay specializes in building wonderfully detailed imaginary cities. She was given free reign to build whatever she wanted. Her models, an aesthetic highlight of the film, were later purchased outright from her as a surprise gift for Alan Rudolph. The Art Museum staff were very cooperative according to Smool. John Pierce, the Assistant to the Museum Director, said that he felt Rudolph’s transformation was “very clever,” including the way the grounds had been altered and vintage cars brought in to set the scene. On their end things went very smoothly, and under similar circumstances Pierce feels they would consider doing it again. Did the movie enhance the museum’s prestige? He said that he didn’t think anyone outside Seattle even knew the film had been shot in the city. Clinton St. Quarterly FINDERS b JKEEPERS FINDERS KEEPERS • Antique Furniture • New Gift Items • Special Feature ‘The Mail Room’ Postal Packaging & Mailing Service 1710 N. 45th Mon. - Sat. 9-6 Sunday 12-5 Special Jewelry