Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 8 No. 2 | Summer 1986 (Seattle) /// Issue 16 of 24 /// Master# 64 of 73

SWINGSIDE CAFE Where Life Meets Art and Other Obstacles Come out of the closet! Bring thos^ L dusty posters,, prints and Y paintings to us! TUES ■SAT 10-6 ARTHEAD GALLERY fine prints & picture framing 5411 MERIDIAN AVENUE NORTH 633-5544 4212 Fremont Ave. N. "Dayhawks weekdays 7 - 3 • weekends 8 - 3 Monday Shows: 9PM Swannie’s Comedy Underground 222 South Main Street Friday Shows: The Group Theatre 3940 Brooklyn NE 10:30PM Saturday Shows: 10PM Pioneer Square Theatre NEWSTAGE 117 Occidental Tickets: $4 Student I.D.: $3 Cinder Twelve: $2 WORKSHOPS: (Open to the public) Sunday: Ross Hall in Ballard 7PM 43rd x 3rd NW SUPPORT YOUR FAVORITE & writers BY SUBSCRIBING TO csa ^3&^leArtJnc Your complete tw ee for Graphic, Drafting Archilecturo'l i Hre M appte tai6-8th Ave. Seattle 98401 |2O6) 625-0711 (SOO] 732-112? lol tree Xi WA Clinton St. Quarterly 19 THEPAPERSTCRI THE$TUDIOFURNITURESrORE QRAPHC$ERVICES HFID... HOTLINE: 634-3729