Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 8 No. 2 | Summer 1986 (Seattle) /// Issue 16 of 24 /// Master# 64 of 73

OVER 1100 MAGAZINES & NEWSPAPERS m.j.ieet SAUNA & STEAM CAFE Futon is ask GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE If you're seriously considering buying a futon, we at Soaring Heart feel that taking a little time to explore this ancient art of the futon your first wise investment. Call or go by Seattle's futon companies; questions; lie down and consider a third of your life. Then, fully apprised, make your next wise investment. Why have we taken the time to tell you this? Because we feel that the more you know about something, the more you can appreciate it; and the more you appreciate, the more it will appreciate you. 4519W UNIVERSITY WAY NE 632-5074 VISIT OUR NEWLY CREATED STEAM ROOM CUSTOM DESIGNED BY SEATTLE ARTIST ED COX University District 4334 University Way N.E. Seattle, Washington 98105 206/632-5353 Pike Place Market 1514 Pike Place Seattle, Washington 98101 206/624-2929 NEWS AND FAST ESPRESSO 4142 UNIVERSITY WAY N.E. 632-NEWS who have to standup all day Hew SecnrLe massaGe SWEDISH • SHIATSU ACUPRESSURE Latin American cuisine from the pampas to the Rio Grande. i Yes! at El Cafe! Breakfast • Lunch • Late Night Dining ★ Classical South American Guitarist: Patricio Contreras, Sun. & Tues., 6 to 9 pm ★ Songstress: Betsy Koenig, Thurs. & Sat., 7 to 9:30 pm 6106 Roosevelt Way N.E. Just North of Ravenna 526-2434 Reservations available ACADIA HEALTH CENTER Massage • Reflexology Deep Tissue Manipulation Chinese Ear Cleaning Sauna M-F 10-9 Sat 10-6 5720 Roosevelt Way N.E. 526-8331 Hirns Buying a bed is not like buying a car or a coat. It is something with which you are having an intimate affair—an intimate affair which represents a full one-third of your lifetime. And it's a third of your life you can take complete ‘charge of. Japanese Manufactured Version (polyester and foam) 1 Shiga's One World Shop 4306 University Way NE 633-2400 2 Uwajimaya 6th S and S King 624-6248 American Version (raw cotton) 3 Northwest Futon 516 15th Avenue E 323-0936 4 Unfoldings 2107 N 34th 634-0630 Traditional Japanese Version (raw cotton) 5 Futon X 4137 University Way NE 547-4170 6 Soaring Heart Futon 101 Nickerson 282-1717 11 - 9 MON-THURS 11 - 10 FRI 12 - 9:30 SAT 5 - 9 SUN TANOOKI SUNFLOWER Natural Japanese Style Cuisine NO MSG - NO PRESERVATIVES - NO SMOKING 6311 Roosevelt Way NE 526-2935 14 Clinton St. Quarterly