Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 5 No. 2 | Summer 1983 (Seattle) /// Issue 4 of 24 /// Master# 4 of 24

CLINTON STREET OPENS JULY 6 THREE PREMIERES! o see A A B ^ ^ T ^m i le de Antonio's film on the Plowshares Eight, In the B B M ^ f » R ^ ^ F j K i n g of Prussia, stars Martin Sheen and the Berrigan B g u B R RB ^ J brothers Phillip and Daniel, playing themselves. The film V r is a reconstruction o f their trial in King of Prussia, PA, where the eight Catholic activists entered a General Electric plant and hammered at two thermonuclear nosecones and poured blood on G.E. files. The Toronto Sun called the film Bold, innovative and chillingly informa- five . . . a passionate argument against the nuclear arms C P V l 'B B R , race. We urge you t r Thegame is deception... The rule is silence. WINNER BEST PICTURE BULK RATE U.S. POSTAGE PAID PORTLAND, OR Permit No. 2211 / BIARRITZ&CARTAGENA FILM FESTIVALS ( MONTREAL FILM FESTIVAL J ^ ^ ^ ^ ^W INNER BEST ACTOR-FEDERICO LUPPI Chicago Film Festival F “WELCOME TO THIS TENSE, exceptionally well acted, unusual thriller from Argentina. An original and compelling drama of one man’s devious but courageous confrontation with repression and power.” WILLIAM WOLF ■ “A TIGHT, FAST FILM...has what ‘The Verdict’ does not have; under the B legal struggle are rumbles of deeper, larger political unrest.” STANLEY KAUFFMANN g ! . The New Republic . “TAUT AND UTTERLY COMPELLING ... with the dispatch, excitement, i L and fervent commitment of a Costa-Gavras film.” / F KEVIN THOMAS f Los Angeles Times R “A FIRST-RATE THRILLER.. .fascinating in both its suspense and its I significance.” f J W IT H CRIST 1 REVENGE OPENS AUG. 24TH ONE OF THE YEAR’S BEST... “BRILLIANTLY ACHIEVED... ACOOL. COMICRECORDOFTHE SALVATIONOFONE PERSONALITYATTHE EXPENSE OFANOTHER” —Vincent Canby, NEW YORK TIMES ”. . . AFILM . . . BYADIRECTORWHO’S INASCLOSETOTOTALCONTROL ASA MOVIEMAKER IS EVERLIKELYTOBE. . . THERE'S GREATNESS IN IT.” —Pauline Kael, NEW YORKER “HAUNTING . . . FRENZIED . . . MYSTERIOUS . . . ATOUR DE FORCE.” —J. Hoberman, VILLAGE VOICE "BELLOCCHIOTAKESWILD. ABSURDCOMIC LEAPS.” —Alex Keneas, NEWSDAY OPENS JULY 20 LEAP INTO THE VOID A FILM BY MARCO BELLOCCHIO Produced by SILVIO CLEMENTELLI Starring ANOUK AIMEE and MICHEL PICCOLI