Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 5 No. 2 | Summer 1983 (Seattle) /// Issue 4 of 24 /// Master# 4 of 24

IT'S ELECTRIC, IT’S POLLUTION FREE, IT’S SWIFT AND IT'S QUIET "It has been said by experts far wiser than we, that the electric car in the urban setting is an 'Historical inevitability'. What we set forward to do here with your help will only make the air that much cleaner, that much sooner." Steven Lough, Seattle Electrical vehicle Association You’ll love driving the k X and those a IT’S A LEOPARD! A timely car for around town driving and comfortable commuting, it's great for stalking those traffic lights and springing to your next destination, if you drive less than 40 miles per day (the chances are 85% that you do) and are looking for comfortable, quiet, and carefree dependable transportation, come test-drive the leopard. A car with all the creature comforts and none o f those creature smells. trie leopard ine fish will breathe easier too. NOW FROM $ 6 9 ^ 0 0 Call today 325-2600 LoughMotors, inc. 810 Rainier Ave. Seattle, WA 98144 12 Clinton SUNDAY . JULY 31st . 10 A.M. M a r iner Squa re - across f r o m Gas W orks Park THIRD ANNUAL LONG DISTANCE E.V. RALLY Sponsored by: The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association OVER $6,000.00 IN PRIZES AND COUPONS AWARDED The public is invited to “Ride Along" as the contestants log their laps PARTICIPATION FREE OF CHARGE For information call or write S E V A. • 810 Rainier Ave., Seattle, 98144 . (206) 325-2600 and “May the Current Be with You . . . . ”