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3. “Thriller” record and video 4. Model of a.Transam 5. Model of a nuclear bomb 6. Model of a plane 7. Model of a boat 8. 45 Magnum 9. Laser 10. Rachel (a girl in the class) 11. Football and jersey 12. Any war 13. Blonde hair and blue eyes 14. Grey Poupon dijon mustard 15. 1984 by George Orwell and a note saying it isn’t true n i t p o i 9 n a n l t e l l e r - R i v a r d GINGER, AGE 12: I think that I don 't like school because o f the fact that I ge t bored a lot. And because I don ’t like some o f the teachers. I think the teachers should not kick the kids out o f class. I think the teacher themse lf should make the kids obey. Some o f my teachers ye ll and scream a lot and that makes me feel different. It makes me feel like I want to be dead. But I don’t want you to think that I hate teachers because I think they are doing there very best o f trying to get us to learn about life and get a good job. And I also think that it is great that some man or woman would take the time out to teach or help a child like me. But I want to tell you that the reel fact is that I love school myself but I can ’t keep my mind on one thing. And I also want you to know that 6th graders should be able to work with the computers like the 7th and 8th graders can. And as you also know that in the newspaper the other day it was talking about Everett Middle School and how a girl got raped and a 11 year old boy got hung by 3 other boys. I jus t wanted to say I hope Mr. Ronal Ragen or somebody is going to stop this. And that is how I really feel. T J le I Inconcfusion Of course, I thought back on what it was like when I was 12 years old at El Dorado School in Stockton,-California, on the days when we had a substitute in the classroom. First of all, it rarely happened. But when it did, I remember all the derision among us for that odd being. I remember all the really bad fat jokes about piano-playing Miss Esplin. About her breaking the seat and everything. I never made them myself, but the only time I ever got sent to the office in my school life was in the 6th grade. When we had a substitute. And when I stole the answers to the Junior Scholastic test from Mr. Corkery’s desk, made several copies of the answers, and passed them out to all willing cheaters. As usual, whenever I did anything wrong, I got caught. But I had to stand up and admit my own guilt. And only about 60 percent of the other willing cheaters even stood up with me. And I remember it made me really REALLY mad. But my father ended up 'giving me a dollar — for my honesty. But Mrs. Frieberg, a mother of one of those who didn’t stand up, got mad anyway. She said that CHEATING, not honesty, was the point. And the dollar was a mighty disgrace. Well, I don’t mind if I never substitute again, to be frank. It is too hard to win the respect of these kids in a day. Especially because to me, respect means silence so that hearing can go on. In both directions. And since most 12-year-olds don’t have any tendency at all to be quiet, I assume I just can’t stand fighting human nature. But maybe you can. WRITE YOUR ANSWER HERE :____ (You may use your own paper to continue.) Name______________________________ A g e ________________________________ # __________■ _ __________________ • Leanne Grabel is a Portland writer whose first story in the CSQ was “Bye Bye Baja.” T. Michaef Gardiner is a Seattle artist. MUSIC SEVEN NIGHTS PER WEEK APRIL EVENTS SAT 7 • BLUE FLAME STRING BAND THUR 12 • SANDY BRADLEY & LAURIE ANDRES SAT 21 • KENNY HALL & LONG HAUL STRING BAND FRI 27 • DANNY CARNAHAN SAT 28 • JIM PAGE MAY EVENTS FRI 4 • HOWS BAYOU SAT 5 • MORRIS DANCE FESTIVAL SAT 19 • RURAL DELIVERY SUN 29 • BENEFIT FOR DICK GAUGHAN 2110 N. 45th d SEE YOU AT THE MURPHY’S CELTIC STAGE S| DURING FOLKLIFE ’84, MAY 25, 26, 27, 28. 634-2110 6 Clinton St. Quarterly