Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 6 No. 1 | Spring 1984 (Seattle) /// Issue 7 of 24 /// Master# 55 of 73

MEGCHRISTIAN -withDiane Lindsey &Sue Fink Sign LanguageArtist: DebraWestwood FRI APRIL 20TH 7PM The Moore Theater—Seattle (Corner of 2N D & V irg in ia) $8 Ticket Outlets: Cellophane Square Records, City Peoples Mercantile, Elliott Bay Book Co., I fs About Time Bookcenter and Red & Black Books Outside Seattle: Community Food Co-op —Bellingham, Budget Tapes & Records —Everett, The Underground —Tacoma and Rainy Day Records —Olympia A National Friendship Tour WEDNESDAY MAY 9th 8 PM PARAMOUNT THEATRE Tickets are $8, $10, and $12 Tickets on sale through TICKETMASTER, call 628-0888 in Seattle or 272-6817 in Tacoma for further information... Holly Near and inH-iUimani Nueva Cancion por la Paz en las Americas Singing for Peace in the Americas Once in a while there emerges a poet whose vision and ability to record life as we perceive it is startlingly on target. When this poetry is set to music, a certain magic takes place which transforms the vision into a universal language Ferron is such a poet. The Feminist Renaissance SHADOWS ON A DIME Records. Ltd.. SATURDAY JUNE 2nd 8 PM THE MOORE THEATRE Tickets are $7.50 in advance, $8.50 at the door. Ticket Outlets: SEATTLE: City People’s Mercantile, ' Red'& Black, Cellophane Square, It’s About Time, Elliott Bay Book Co.; EVERETT: Budget Records & Tapes; TACOMA: The Underground; OLYMPIA: Rainy Day Records. Childcare available by Reservation Only, call GENTLE DRAGON at 325-KIDS. For more information or Charge-By-Phone, call: 3 2 4 -1 8 7 8 . A GENEVIEVE PRODUCTION Clinton St. Quarterly 15