Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 6 No. 1 | Spring 1984 (Seattle) /// Issue 7 of 24 /// Master# 55 of 73

AMADEUS by Peter Shaffer May 3 - May 26 The New Yirker called AMADEUS "a highly intelligent thriller having to do, on one level, with the possibility that Mozart’s early death (at age 35) was a result o f his having been poisoned by a rival and, on another level, with that rival’s indignant repudiation o f God. ” Tony Award for Best Play. TOP GIRLS by Caryl Churchill June 7 - June 30 Densely provocative view o f women climbing the corporate v ladder by a highly imaginative and gifted writeiyCburchill was, last month, awarded the Blackbum Prize fo r “work o f outstanding quality. ” "Funny, fiercely serious^and boldly unconventional, ” says New York Magazine. ANGELS FALL by Lanford Wilson July 12 - August 4 This Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright takes us to a sun- baked mission in New Mexico to share the views o f six people, trapped by an accident at a uranium mine, searching fo r meaning and peace. '"Warm, funny, touching, highly satisfying evening o f theatre,’’ says Village Voice. THIRTEEN by Lynda Myles August 16 - September 8 World premiere by a new American talent, growing up in the 1950’s in Queens, N.Y., a young girl is, at 13 years, moving toward a more complex time. FOOL FOR LOVE by Sam Shepard September 20 - October 13 J In a motel at the edge o f the Mojave Desert, a man and a woman demand affirmation in fierce, brilliant, lacerating language. “It is as mysterious and unsettling as spare, and incidentally, as funny as anything he has ever done... brings fresh news o f love, here and now, in all its potency and deviousness and foolishness, ” saysTheNew Yorker. THE COMMUNICATION CORD by Brian Friel October 25 - November 17 Hilarious Irish farce in which a graduate student in linguistics creates a web o f confusion, misunderstanding and merriment. “As always, Mr. Friel’s prose, line by line, is as good as any living playwright’s,” says The Financial^ Times. \ BY PHONE We'll be happy to take you r o rd e r ove r th e p h o n e w i th a VISA. MasterCard. American Express num b e r Call 285-5110. Tuesday-Friday, n o o n to 5 :30 p m 1984 SUBSCRIPTION PRICES Opening Fri.-Sat. Evenings Sun.-Thur. Evenings All Matinees Senior Discount (Wed Mat and Sat Mat) m i S ID E $51 50 $42 .50 $32 .00 $27 .50 y । । M ID $62 .00 $51.50 $42 .50 $38 .00 \ nnnnnni CENTER $72 .50 $62 .00 $51.50 $47.00 Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday Preview: $38 00/Student Series: $26.00 BOX OFFICE Phone : 285 5110 IOCATION . Mercer from 1-5 and c o n tinu e on Mercer Ave W o n e b lock past Q ueen Anne Axe to the c o rn e r o f (st W. and W. Roy \ \ BY MA I 1 Fill ou t th e en c lo se d o n je r form a n d mail to ACT' 100 W Roy. Seattle. WA 98119 (The above p rice s in c lud e a S2 .00 hand ling charge ) THEATRE SEATING PLAN PERFORMANCE TIMES: All Matinees 2 :30 Tuesday • Saturday 8 p m Sunday Evenings ""^O p m 1984 ACT Theatre Subscription Order Form MaU to: ACT, 100 W. Roy, Seattle, WA 98119 Name „ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ; _________________________ Address____________________________________________________________ C i t y State--------------------------- Zip--------------------_ _ Home Phone______________ _______ Work Phone Check choice of day: □ Tuesday □ Wednesday □ Thursday □ Friday □ Saturday □ Sunday O Wednesday Matinee □ Saturday Matinee □ Sunday Matinee O Tliesday Preview □ Wednesday Preview □ Solo Series (3rd Tuesday) □ Opening (Th) □ Speaking of Theatre (2nd Tuesday) □ Student Series (side section seats only) T W Th PM □ Sunday Preview Student I .D .# ______________________________________________________ □ I am a 1983 subscriber. □ 1am a former subscriber. □ I am a new subscriber. Check choice of seating area: □ SIDE □ MID □ CENTER. If my choice of seating has been sold out, my second choice of performance day i s .. Please send me (total n u m b e r ) s e r i e s subscriptions, for a total x ' amount $_x_____________ □ 1 enclose my check or money order, payable to ACT Theatre. □ 1 wish to charge my subscription to: □ MasterCard □ Visa □ American Express Account Number Exp. (copy from card):________________ _ _________ da te______ 1 want to sit with (Name o ^ y those .people ordering separately from you). ------------------------------------------------------------------- y . . .— -------------------------------------- ■— ----------------------------------— — - — ■— ■ 10 Clinton St. Quarterly