Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 5 No. 3 | Fall 1983 (Seattle) /// Issue 5 of 24 /// Master# 53 of 73

futons • blankets • cushions flannel sheets • tatami mats bed frames • pillows unfoldings 2107 N. 34th Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 634-0630 15314th AVENUE (AT FIR) SEAT LE 98122 2 Knots You Can Tie With Pasta REEF KNOT Red sauce at night, sailor's delight. Top this with Primavera, Marinara, Bolognese or zesty Ragu. CLOVERHITCH Picnicsare a walk in the park. Pick up one of our pasta salads, packed in small containers ready to go. BOW KNOT For white, red or green tie affairs. Egg, tomatoor spinach pasta in many shapes for every occasion. GET HITCHED Tie the knot over dinner. Fresh and flavorful, pasta makes a terrific impression. The way to a person's heart. FIGURE EIGHT Plan a large dinner party and keep costs way down by serving inexpensive yet satisfying pasta dishes. KNOT RECOMMENDED Versatile pasta has many uses but somehow doesn't work as shoelaces. So don't try it. Made on our Italian machine with hard cracked wheat flour and whole fresh eggs. The only place on Capitol Hill for fresh pasta. Fresh ideas brought to you by just off Broadway at 819 E. Thomas Clinton St. Quarterly Seattle WA 98102 Telephone 329-6997