Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 5 No. 3 | Fall 1983 (Portland) /// Issue 19 of 41 /// Master# 19 of 73

NORTHWEST FILM STUDY CENTER 1219 SW Park Ave. Portland, OR 97205 221-1156 ••••••••••••• FALL HIGHLIGHTS PORTLAND EXPOSE September 15-17 Uncovered from the dusty vaults of Hollywood, this classic (I?) 1957 “B " movie is the story o f mobsters muscling in on Portland. . tDWMOtINNS C*»OYNC1AIG VUCIMAGHIGG ifANNI C*«MtN AUNOSltVPARSONShotetm ioAnHBunowi Sponsored by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Oregon PHILO HOUSE THRIFT SHOP Old & New Merchandise I Clothing Books Small Appliances Toys Miscellaneous TERRIFIC BARGAINS Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-3PM 2 7 2 4 East Burnside 232 -3992 INTRODUCING: PORTLAND'S BEST PARCHMAN FARM A PORTLAND JAZZ CLUB PIZZA Chuck Caputo, Former owner of “THATSA MY MAMA’S” pizzaria has joined our staff. He has brought with him what we believe is Portland’s best pizza recipe. Try it soon, you will see how good pizza can be! 1204 SE Clay St. 235-7831 LIVE JAZZ FRIDAY and SATURDAY A F F IL IA T ED WITH PORTLAND FEM IN IST WOMEN’S HEALTH CENTER AVALON318 SW. 9th ITALIAN CINEMA Antonioni: The Passenger (9/23) Blow-Up (9/24) Red Desert (9/25) Visconti: Rocco & His Brothers (10/1) The Leopard (10/2) The Damned (10/15) The Stranger (10/16) Death in Venice (10/22) Conversation Piece (10/23) The Innocent (10/29) VIDEO CLASSICS A four-part series surveying the work o f major video artists, pioneers o f the art form. POETRY IN MOTION (9/22) A new documentary featuring poems and readings by several major poets. SUPER 8 IN THE VIDEO AGE (9/28) Toni Treadway and Bob Brodsky o f Boston presenting the many possibilities o f Super 8mm film production. THE FILMS OF ROBERT M. YOUNG A long-time independent filmmaker with outstanding humanistic films to his credit. Young will be present for the 1 0 /8 show. Alambrista (10/5) Short Eyes (10/7) Rich Kids (10/7) The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (10/8) Documentaries (10/9) ABORTION INFORMATION & REFERRAL SERVICE FROM PORTLAND 777-7044 FROM ALL OTHER CITIES IN OREGON 1-800-452-3226 HAND-EMBROIDERED THAI “HMONG” DRESS FINE ANTIQUES • VINTAGE CLOTHING VICTIMIZED BYLEGAL PROBLEMS? INJURED? ARRESTED? GET HELP! JOSHUA RIED, Attorney-At-Law 520 SW Yamhill, Pacific Building, 248-0343 Comedienne (10/20-21) A new documentary which follows, over a two year period, the careers o f two aspiring young comediennes. From The Hills Of S.E. Asia’s Golden Triangle. Year-Round Versatility. 700% Cotton $45 Fabulous Breakfasts Affordable Gourmet Dining The Phantom of the Paradise (10/30) For Halloween. Brian DePalma's rock fantasy. NATURAL FIBER CLOTHING FROM AROUND THE WORLD Lunch & Dinner Specials vegetarian Dishes also available Saturday Matinees will begin again on 9 /17 , at 2:00. A complete schedule is forthcoming. LEARN A LITTLE! Film Center Fall Term classes are starting throughout the fall, featuring such topics as New Italian Cinema. On-Location Lighting. Radio Production. Small Format Video. Filmmaking. Scriptwriting. Sci-Fi Horror Films: A Humanistic Survey, and others. Consult our Fall program for complete details. Breakfast & Lunch sat-sun tues-fri 9am-2pm 7:30am-3pm Dinner thurs-sat 5:00-10:00prn For more information about these and other Film Center events, call 221-1156.___________________ 28 Clinton St. Quarterly In Hillsdale Shopping Center Just off Barbur Blvd. Next toWilson High 246-3417 3401 S.E. Belmont Street 231-1570