Clinton St. Quarterly, Vol. 5 No. 3 | Fall 1983 (Portland) /// Issue 19 of 41 /// Master# 19 of 73

sweaters for men and women. Gorgeous and lush knits in button-ups and pull-overs (At a price you’ll dance over.) cotton sweaters. They’re warm but light, and go well with colorful cotton shirts and pants for men and women. THE WARM WAY TO BE COOL AT WORK OR SCHOOL IMMEDIATE / C O T T O N : ^ COVER / ZX "%L IGHT S.E. 35th Place and Hawthorne 231-1718 Portland Metro Area Reasonable Rates and Rebates Prevent Flue Fires Call 653-5286 NOWATOUR NEW LOCATION! azon Imported Auto Service Specializing in Volvo 2 3 9 - 0 1 2 2 1611 SE 6th (at Clay) ------------------------------------------------- M IL L E N N IU M " DOGGIE DELIGHT “ 3145 SE Hawthorne 239-4857 A L L T H E W O R L D S B E S T C L A S S IC A L M U S IC F R O M TH E P E O P L E W H O K N O W A ll Long Dogs (No Shorties!) Not Dogs Knut Dogs P o r t lan d ’s F in e s t S e l e c t io n o f C la s s ic a l R e c o r d s & C a s s e t t e s Hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM-10PM “ Sunday 11AM-9PM 3144 E Burnside 231-8909 Chili Dogs German Sausage Dogs your choice of trimmings Salad Bar Now Open “Downright GOOD Hotdogs” EAT IN or TAKE OUT 11AM-7:3OPM Closed Sunday Clinton St. Quarterly 17