Advocate Register_1951-04-06

AD v ~ o CAT E EGIST·E Volume 1 Portland, Ore., April6, 1951 Number 19 NAACP MEMBERSHIP KICKOFF MEETING . Start of 1951 Drive 1000 New Members Goal The NAACP membership drive that started April 1st will run through the month of April. At a meeting Sunday, Luke Roberts, Program Director of KOIN gave a transcrip– tion of a broadcast of February 16 entitled "Who Killed Qr. Drew." This was to spur the Campaigners on . . . As Chairman of the Drive is Mrs. Anna Mae Lee and Raymond Wilson, Co-Chairman; Lillian Cadney, U. H. Leverette and Lucius Ellison as division leaders. Mr. Leverette is not shown in picture. Herman Plummer is president of the Local Chapter. Join the NAACP, invite all your friends and don't take "NO" for an answer. Everybody can Join. Ask Your Employer, your neighbors, relatives. Below is place to mail your $2.00 Do It NOW. -Baltzegar Photo, Courtesy Oregon ] ournal Cut out and Mail Today- Name---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------··----------------------- Address ----------------------------------------------------'-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . City -------------------------------------------------------------- Zone ----------------- State ----------~---------------------------------- Mail to NAACP-Dept. AR-2101 N. Williams, Portland, Oregon. From Oregon Statesman Opponents of the bill to repeal the law banning marriages of persons of different races cite the existing prejudices. True, re– peal of the ,law will not erase the preju– dice, but the repealer doesn't force any mixed marriages. Prejudices will still pre– vent them. What the repealer does is to remove the legal ban against such inter– marriage. We congratulate them on their I OOth birthday (Editor). Editor Leaves, Smith BPA Employee Oliver E. Smith, former editor and founder of The Advocate Register, was appointed last week as employee of Bon– neville Power Administration. Smith, ac– tive in politics in this area from 1940, now comes under "the 1 Hatch Act," and no longer is able to participate in partisan political activities. He says he will not be far removed from community and civic activities. "It is almost liking to losing a leg," said Smith. Since his recent illness and major opera– tion last year, he founded and continued as Editor of this paper. Through his ef– forts, The Advocate Register has gained national leadership. 1 The paper and the Democrats must suffer a loss of his services. Mr. Smith will retain an interest in the paper. The editorial policy has not changed. The opinions of the readers are yet welcomed. It is with a great deal of regrets of our loss and pleasure for BPA's gain that we wish him much success on his new job. Summer Workshops Two Interracial Workshops will be held this July-one in Washington, D. C., and the other in St. Louis, Mo. Persons in- - terested in participating should get !n touch as soon as possible with the na– tional office of CORE, 513 West 166th Street, New York 32, N. Y. Official Photographer Manly M. Baltzegar will take pictures of events or persons for publication. A fee to cover the cost of engraving, photogra– phing and developing will be charged We are glad to print your pictures but we do not have the necessary money to en– grave pictures free.